Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know where my money is "actually" going?

The financial piece of 100+ Women Who Care is purely a “’pass-through”.  You will write your check directly to the winning charity so you know 100% of the money goes directly to them.  The charity which receives the donation will send a representative to our next event to tell us how the money was used and what impact it had on their organization and the work they are doing.

Is there any religious or other affiliation?

No. 100+ Women Who Care has no direct affiliation with any other group or organization.  We're about getting together once a quarter and supporting various charities in our community.

Do I have to give the $100 if I come to the event?

Yes.  The whole idea is to provide women with an opportunity to be a part of inspiring impact without a huge time or monetary commitment. Participants at the event will register and then have the opportunity to vote.  After the vote, everyone makes out their $100 check to the chosen charity.

What if I can't make it to an event? 

Life happens and we're all busy. An email will be sent out to all absent members with the information about the winning charity and asking them to send/mail their checks promptly to be added to the group’s donation.  All checks should be made out directly to the charity selected by the group.  We will deliver our collective gift about 3 weeks after our event.

What if I don't like the chosen charity?

Our objective is to support the good work happening here in our community with a financial gift. Every meeting members will have the opportunity to nominate their favorite charity. We will randomly draw three from the hat to be presented and then we will vote on one.

What else can I do to support this AMAZING group?

Recruitment.  Our goal is to meet and exceed 100 women.  Good people know more good people so helping to spread the word and bringing women to the events is the best way to help us grow!

Does the charity have to be in Butler or Beaver County?

Yes.  This group is about supporting local charities/organizations right here in our community so nominees must be serving Butler and/or Beaver County and surrounding areas.

What if I want to be involved but $100 is too much?

Participation at the events is $100 donation.  Consider forming a team. You can join with another and alternate writing the check or split the cost.  Teams will submit one $100 check and have one vote but all members can attend!

Do I have to be a member to come?

No...but...our goal is to reach 100+ members.  A member is someone who commits to participation.  This means, even if they cannot attend a particular meeting, they will mail in their check.  We're looking for members to establish a consistent ability to give that we can build on. Guests are always welcome to attend a meeting as well. There will be separate registrations for members and guests.

How do nominations work?

When you register at an event, members will get a nomination slip and voting slip. Members may nominate one charity/organization per event (must be in Butler or Beaver County and/or surrounding area).  To nominate you must know a bit about the organization and be able to provide the following information: Organization Name, Contact Person, Website, verify 501c3 status, who the check should be made out to if chosen, and also be able to talk about the work that this organization does and the community it serves.

What happens if the charity I nominated is drawn?

If your nomination is drawn, you will have 5 minutes to present why that charity needs our support. Please, no outside presenters, no PowerPoints, just a heartfelt talk about why this is an important organization to you and what they do.

What happens if the charity I nominated wins?

This is the best part!  If your nomination gets the vote, you will ask the organization to make a brief presentation at the next event telling us how the money was used and what impact it had.