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Our impact award recipient for June is

McGuire Memorial

Mission Statement:

McGuire Memorial is a co-sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters of North America, Our Lady of Hope Province and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Forming a joy-filled community motivated by Christian values, McGuire Memorial is committed to providing comprehensive services to people with intellectual and physical disabilities that may include complex medical conditions: offering supportive services to their families and caregivers providing specialized services to individuals on the autism spectrum.

Vision Statement

McGuire Memorial with a dedicated Board of Directors and a talented staff committed to McGuire Memorial’s Mission, will be an innovative leader in providing person-centered services that promote self-determination, community inclusion and advocacy. As an organization we will strive for quality that will establish us as a compassionate provider of services to people with disabilities.



Espousing the Franciscan/Felician value of service to the poor, we believe that the highest quality of care can only be achieved if our actions are consistent with the core values we profess.

We believe in the sacredness of life and the right of every individual to compassionate, holistic care; the right to worship in a church of their choice, and to integrate spirituality into their lives.

We believe that every person is a unique gift of God created with dignity for a sacred purpose and requires a program designed to meet each person’s needs, abilities and interests; and builds self-esteem, growth and a sense of accomplishment.

We believe that every person has a God-given right to experience life to the fullest in a supportive nurturing environment that promotes relationships, and community factors that provide connections, participation and choice.

We will continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals who are physically and mentally challenged and their families.
Please take a minute to learn about the amazing services that McGuire Memorial provides.

Our June Nominees Included

Pets for Vets at Animal Friends

Founded in 1943 as an avenue of support for soldiers leaving for World War II who had no place to safely leave their beloved companion animals, Animal Friends has a longstanding commitment to the brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces. Many troops return home with scars – both seen and unseen – that make it difficult to transition back to civilian life. These stresses come in many forms. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are the best known, but there are many others including family and relationship traumas, financial pressures, moral injury, toxic command, depression, and countless others. As a result, data indicate that every day 22 veterans or active duty soldiers commit suicide. Nearly one every hour.

At the same time, we know millions of wonderful companion animals across the country capable of supporting a healing and meaningful relationship, wait in shelters for a loving home. To help address these combined needs and to strengthen our commitment to veterans, Animal Friends is pleased to serve as the Pittsburgh Chapter of Pets For Vets®. Under the auspice of the Maj. Benjamin Follansbee Memorial Fund, Pets for Vets® at Animal Friends offers a series of targeted adoption programs to support and thank our regional veterans. These options include providing specially selected, trained and fully certified companion dogs or occasionally cats to veterans who are felt to be at risk. These animals are provided completely free of charge including spaying or neutering, all vaccines and other necessary medical care, microchipping and follow up training after the dog is placed. We are also committed to matching any veteran with a companion animal while waiving the requested adoption donation.

Trained Companion Animals for Veterans in Need

Animal Friends is the official Pittsburgh Chapter of Pets for Vets®. For veterans who are in need of a trained and certified companion pet,we carefully select a rescued dog or occasionally cat based upon its personality and instincts and match them to the needs and circumstances of each individual veteran. Once the appropriate companion animal is selected for the veteran, the pet undergoes specialized training by trainers who have earned appropriate certification. The trained animals must meet the challenging performance standards of Pets for Vets®. This includes not only basic and advanced commands but often training to become acclimated to the individual veteran’s circumstances, such as wheel chairs, oxygen equipment or other accommodation devices.

There is absolutely no charge to the veteran for this service. Their fully trained new pet will also be current on vaccines, spayed or neutered and microchipped for additional identification. A customized welcome package of supplies, complete with a lifetime Allegheny County dog license is included. And, through our new Animal Wellness Center, participants in the Pet for Vets® program are also offered discounted vaccines throughout the life of their pet.

Contact us at or 412.847.7030 for more information about this program.

Neighborhood North Museum of Play

The mission of The Neighborhood North: Museum of Play is to inspire children, connect families, and build a creative community where play and learning connect through exploration, hands-on exhibits, and innovative programming.

The Neighborhood North is a response to the need for equitable educational opportunities in our community. Children’s museums are at the heart of community renaissance, often working in tandem with other educational and community partners to support children and families.

We believe in the intrinsic value of play in discovery and creativity, and as such, will provide opportunities for experiential learning, and multisensory, child-centered, object-based exploration. Play brings parents and children together and helps develop 21st century skills, which are essential for life-long success, including critical-thinking, communication skills, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Children’s Museums embrace change and innovation in order to address the changing landscape of childhood, connecting children and families to transformational experiences and ideas in science and technology, health and wellness, arts and humanities, and world cultures.

We believe our community’s strength is determined by the priority we place on our children. As such, our vision is to strengthen our community by inspiring all to become the next generation of innovative and creative thinkers. By providing a community space where parents and children can learn together through enjoyable hands-on exhibits, classes, and programs, the Children’s Museum will help close knowledge and opportunity gaps and transform the culture through equitable, innovative learning. The Neighborhood North will also contribute to the local economy and will support efforts to continue the revitalization of the downtown area through the addition of more safe, inspired, and accessible family activities.

For more informations please contact

Cranberry Cup

The Cranberry CUP was founded in 2000 by Cathy Cortazzo. As a local resident, Cathy wanted to get neighborhood Home Owner's Associations involved in a friendly softball competition to raise money for a national charity. Seven neighborhoods stepped up that year to participate in the Softball Tournament and Golf Classic, which are now annual events. In the 2014 tournament, 28 neighborhood teams and 26 Open Division teams participated. Since 2000, the CUP has raised over $1.5 million for local residents who have experienced severe financial stress due to medical or other hardships. In addition to the annual Softball Tournament and Golf Classic, the CUP has added a 5K Run/Walk and Kickoff Party to the August weekend of events. Additional events are also held throughout the year.


The purpose of the Cranberry CUP is to conduct organized events whereas all facets of the community contribute to raising money for a worthy cause. The organization promotes volunteerism, community spirit, and goodwill towards people or families in need.


Since its inception, the Cranberry CUP has expanded its activities and ability to raise funds. This success is due entirely to the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of individuals, neighborhoods, businesses and government agencies. What started as an annual fundraising event, has now become a year-round focus on members of the community. The CUP raises money through event registration fees, raffle ticket sales, individual and business contributions, corporate sponsorships, and other donations. Many individuals and companies also donate essential products and services as well.

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